September at The Pines Gallery

We are very fortunate to be exhibiting the works of not one but two very skilled artists at the Pines Gallery this month. One artist shares her mastery of two-dimensional decorative art media while the other, her mastery of the three-dimensional utilitarian art.

Martina, a fifth-grade student, shows off her drawing skills with colorful representations of a variety of animals and imaginary creatures.

Helena, a third-grade artist, shares her passion for pottery with several exquisite and very functional pieces.

Please visit the Pines Gallery, in the Art Room, to view these wonderful works of art.

September’s Mystery Artist

Which American artist, in 1919, created this cover illustration for one of the more popular books of the time “The Last of the Mohicans”?

The artist’s teacher had taught him to work only from experience. So he took two trips to Lake George region of New York, where the novel is set. The American Indian figure he created from his imagination and what he had read.

Game form available on “Forms” page of DMP’s Art Page, as well as, in the Art Room.

You can download the game’s form from the forms page or pick it up from the Art Room. Forms are due the last Tuesday of the month.

Art Room Remodel

The Art Room Remodel

“We love the colorful floor the best.” -Simon and Max


“The hanging power outlets are so cool.” -Josh and Sascha

“I like the sparkly counter the best”. Julia

“The storage area is pretty nice and we’re glad Larry the skeleton is still here”. Riley and Piper

“It’s all very nice”. The Csiki and Hernandez families

“It’s perfect”. Mrs. Cacioppo

“I just can’t believe it”. Bella