Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

We had a busy couple of weeks as we learned about Dr. King.

We learned about his life in the form of a timeline, we brainstormed about Dr. King’s dream and about our own, then we wrote and crafted, and we made posters on our iPads requesting Barnes and Noble to place a table in their store in his honor.

New Years Goals

Right before the break, First Grade talked about why we have New Years Eve and how most people make a New Years Eve resolution. We then read the book: Squirrel’s New Years Resolution about a squirrel who helped all her friends make resolutions, but was unable to make one for herself. She soon realized that she was helping her friends better themselves in some way and that was her resolution: to help others daily.

After reading the book, we decided that a resolution was a goal we could make to better ourselves. We then brainstormed different things we could do! Below are a few examples: