Science Discovery Day

The kids enjoyed a fun filled day exploring different aspects of science through hands on activities.  They enjoyed classes on animal care, invisible ink, skin science, helicopters, air its a blast, lagoon animals, magnetic slime, dentistry, and more!  A huge thank you to everyone who helped to make it a fun day for all.

Apples Galore

We just finished our Apple Unit in kindergarten where students learned about apples through science, reading, math, social studies, art, technology and songs. They participated in Apple Investigation and learned about the parts of an apple. They learned about the apple life cycle and sequenced the different stages an apple goes through. Students read and learned about Johnny Appleseed and completed a direct draw of Johnny.  They tasted varying types of apples and graphed their favorite type. They also completed the week with a fun technology activity where each student drew an apple picture in the Draw and Tell application and then added a voice recording with an apple fact they learned.


Be Kind Lend a Hand!

As part of our mission statement and desire to have children learn the value of diversity and respect for others, we have created our Kindergarten Kindness Bulletin Board.  We read the book “I Walk With Vanessa” and read some of the poems from “Lend a Hand.”  We talked about ways we could lend a hand and then created our beautiful bulletin board.  Feel free to continue this discussion at home, brainstorming ways your children can “lend a hand.”

What Causes the Seasons?

Student enjoyed a fun and engaging unit on the four seasons.  We discussed each of the seasons that make up our year and learned the different activities, clothes, and weather associated with each season. We also learned that the sun is the reason for the seasons.  Each student also created a book illustrating a tree throughout the seasons.