Music K8 Contest Winners 2020

Three music students from Del Mar Pines had their art work selected for the national Music K8 magazine cover contest.  Congratulations to our young artists inspired by music!

Finalist: Veronica Yu, 5th grade (click on link to see her  artwork)

Music K8 Finalist Veronica Yu- 5th grade

Honorable Mention: Piper Murphy 6th grade (click on link to see her  artwork)

Music K8 Honorable Mention Piper Murphy -6th grade

Honorable Mention: Max London, 3rd grade (click on link to see his artwork)

Music K8 Honorable Mention Max London 3rd grade 



5th Graders make American History Come Alive!

Del Mar Pines 5th grade class presented their class musical ” The American Revolution” on March 6th.  Through this musical they learned many facts about the early history of our nation including taxation without representation, the Boston Tea Party, and the Ride of Paul Revere.  The audience enjoyed the facts combined with comedic writing and music making this a memorable experience for the students.

Student Night at the Opera

Students from Grades 4-6 participated in the San Diego Opera’s event called “Student Night at the Opera” on February 6th.  They were delighted to see the opera Hansel and Gretel by Engelbert Humperdinck which featured life size puppets in the story.  Over 2000 students in the San Diego area attended that evening performance.

Character Matters! – First Grade Musical is a Learning Experience

Character Matters –  A First Grade Reminder 
Character Matters, the First Grade musical, was loved by all who attended on February 7th.  Students learned about the importance of the Golden Rule, Forgiveness, Patience,   taking Responsibility, Kindness, Honesty and Respecting Differences  through music.  They loved being in costumes as they presented their Fairytale characters to the Fairy Tale Advice Council.