Second Grade

Second Grade at Del Mar Pines School

What A Week In 2nd Grade

This has been a busy week in our classroom…. We got ants (yes ANTS!), we celebrated through the decades, and had an epic Valentine’s Day party.  It was a perfect way to wrap things up before Ski Week.


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Author Visit

Our visit with author and veterinarian Ruth MacPete was so much fun and informative too!  She shared her journey to becoming an author while taking care of animals in both shelters and her vet practice.  We were inspired to follow our dreams even if they take us down challenging and new paths.  We learned that it took Ruth more than 20 drafts before she had a book worthy to be published.  We are so glad that Dr. MacPete did not give up on her dream of becoming an author.  Her visit has definitely inspired us as we embark on our own Written and Illustrated project.

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Ancestor Musical

Our Ancestor Musical was a hit!  The students shared heirlooms, family stories, and sang their hearts out!  Our families have fascinating histories and we are blessed to be part of a melting pot of amazing countries.

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Why I’m Me Trunk Show

Today we experienced what it was like for our ancestors and other brave immigrants who came through Ellis Island to make a new home in the United States.  Stepping into their shoes, we answered the inspectors’ questions about our plans upon entering the country, had to pass a detailed physical, and prepared for new and exciting opportunities!  America is truly a melting pot of many different cultures and people.

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Happy New Year!

It has been a busy week getting back into our routine….. Mr. Fausel visited us today to review school and playground rules with us.  He made it a fun contest and we were all winners!

In Hands On Science on Monday we learned how valuable natural resources are.  It is important to consider whether they are renewable or non-renewable and it is our job to conserve all natural resources.  Even with teamwork it takes work to replenish renewable natural resources.

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Family Blogging Challenge

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Family Blogging Challenge…. It was so much fun reading all of your comments and seeing the students gain inspiration from the home to school communication that was happening!  Congratulations to our top 3 bloggers and ALL students who were part of Family Blogging Month.  We are looking forward to another challenge in the spring!

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Holiday Centers

We had so much fun during the 2nd grade holiday centers!  It was a great opportunity to learn about new holidays and customs from around the world.

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2nd Grade Bloggers

Mrs. Scott and I are so impressed with our bloggers!  We have taken blogging home with our Family Blogging Month Challenge.  It is not too late to comment on your child’s blog posts!  The children love sharing about their days and enjoy hearing from family members as well…


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Fine Arts Day

Fine Arts Day allowed us to experience many different art projects as well as hip hop and yoga!  It was a fun day for all of us…

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Our First Thanksgiving Replica

It took a village to make our village and our teamwork paid off!  After making our clothespin dolls (inspired by our Novel Molly’s Pilgrim), we worked together to complete our replica of the first thanksgiving in Plymouth.  Complete with food, handmade tables, and a fish filled lake; we also constructed a church which represented the religious freedom that Pilgrims who came to America were searching for.  Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving break full of rest, great food, and family memories!

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