Second Grade

Second Grade at Del Mar Pines School

3D Shapes

Two brains are better than one when counting faces, edges, and vertices on 3D shapes!  We had a blast working together to explore some very complex shapes… Can you say hexagonal prism or pentagonal pyramid while simultaneously patting your head and rubbing your stomach??????

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Hands On Science-Geologists at Work!

Yesterday was our first Hands On Science class.  Ms. Fritz and I were very impressed with how each student studied the properties of rocks and used the scientific method to research how different properties play a part in the uniqueness of various rocks.


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Time Capsules

Before our time capsules were buried away for the year, we shared the special items that we put inside them!

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Science Fun!

We mixed a little magic with a lot of science and discovered amazing things related to physics and chemistry!


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Flashlight Friday

We ended the day with Flashlight Friday and popsicles with 3rd grade.  It was fun to stretch out with a good book or two (and a flashlight) and enjoy some quality reading.  Of course we had to end our quiet time with a flashlight dance party!

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Scientists At Work!

This week we explored the scientific method when answering the question, “What happen to gummy bears when they are placed in different solutions?”  We found some fascinating answers!

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Welcome to Second Grade!

Welcome to Second Grade at DMP!

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