Custom Wallpapers by Fourth-Sixth Graders

Fourth graders used the graphic design tool to design these custom desktop wallpapers for their laptops! Fourth and fifth graders created a wallpaper inspired by a positive affirmation and sixth graders created their own mission statements (a lesson from 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens).

Fourth Grade

By Madison
By Carsten
By Chasen
By Darshna

Fifth Grade

By Josephine
By Jonathan
By Nixon
By Bella
By Martina

Sixth Grade

By Olivia
By Leah
By Jacob
By Avery
By Kiran


Annotated Desktops by Fifth Grade

Do you know what the bar of apps on the bottom of your desktop is called?  Or the difference between a browser and a search engine? Our fifth graders do! Take a look at their annotated screenshots below to learn some fundamental technology terms.

By Kyle R.
By Surina
By Noah
By Brooke
By Matthew
By Naveen
By Kyle O.

We even annotated the finder window and a browser winder too:

By Matthew
By Kyle R.
By Martina




Fourth Grade Scavenger Hunt

Fourth graders completed a digital scavenger hunt to help explore all of the features and components of their new laptops.

We talked about browsers, search engines, using Spotlight, when to use Force Quit, etc. This was also great practice using Google Docs and taking screenshots! Next lesson: troubleshooting.

Hover over the document to see who created it and click to make it bigger.

Second Grade is Blogging!

Second graders have been blogging on our classroom blog!

Blogging is a great outlet for young learners to practice writing skills and it also helps students learn how to interact, collaborate, and publish work with peers in a digital environment.

Second graders have already learned how to add photos to their blog posts, how to leave quality comments for each other, and have even interviewed a guest speaker from High Tech High for our classroom blog.  See some of their posts below:

We are also in the middle of Family Blogging Month! See this blog post to see how your family can participate.

Family Blogging Month

Family Blogging Month (November 14-December 14)  is a fun way to bring moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends into our online learning community. Family members are encouraged to get involved and make their own contributions to our classroom learning by leaving comments.

Here’s how to join us: 

1. Go to

2. Use Join Code: p5kacmv (code expires 11/21)

3. Create a family login:

Name: (Child First Name)’s Family (e.g. Jane’s Family, Ben’s Family)

Password: Make your family password something you can share with family members.

Email: Use your own email to sign up.

4. Read your child’s blog post and leave a comment.

5. Pass it on!

Lastly, pass the link and login info on to family members, so they can leave comments too! Everyone in the family will use the same login/password. When signing your name please add your relationship to the student, for example: Carol’s mom/sister/aunt/cousin, etc.

There are more details in the flyers below.


It’s Time for the Fall Typing Challenge!

The typing challenge is a fun way to practice typing at home and improve your overall keyboarding skills. Typing is all about muscle memory and practicing often for short periods of time is ideal. Did you know that sitting at the keyboard for just a few minutes 2-3 times a week can greatly increase your keyboarding accuracy and speed?

How to Participate

Practice typing at home on the website:

Username: two digit student ## + first name + dmp
(example: 01janedmp)

Password: delmarpines


  1. Practice 20 extra minutes per week and earn desk stickers.
  2. Make it to the Top 3 practice times in your class to win a special VIP ribbon.
  3. Class with highest total practice time will WIN CLASS PARTY!

Previous Typing Challenges

Fourth Grade Minecraft Missions

Fourth graders worked in teams to build the 22nd California Mission using Minecraft.

Students used safe search engines to research the historical purpose of the California Missions, and to determine the purpose of their own 22nd mission. Scroll down to skip to the mission video tours.

Students used Google Earth to find a location for their mission based on the resources nearby, distance from the ocean, distance from the nearby native tribes, and distance from the nearest mission.

Lastly, students designed a mission layout that would be used in Minecraft to build their own 22nd mission.

Video Tour of Minecraft Missions

Mission Presentations


Third Grade Film Festival with Second Grade Bloggers!

Third graders created book trailers using iMovie and we had a film festival to celebrate!

Students walked the red carpet and screened their films for a special group of second grade bloggers.

Third grade filmmakers answered questions from our “press” about the movie-making process and challenges they overcame to make their movies.

Red Carpet Entrance:

Book Trailers for Novels:

Second Grade Blog Posts about the Festival:

Click on photos to make large and download:

Technology at Del Mar Pines

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