Fourth Grade Minecraft Missions

Fourth graders worked in teams to build the 22nd California Mission using Minecraft.

Students used safe search engines to research the historical purpose of the California Missions, and to determine the purpose of their own 22nd mission. Scroll down to skip to the mission video tours.

Students used Google Earth to find a location for their mission based on the resources nearby, distance from the ocean, distance from the nearby native tribes, and distance from the nearest mission.

Lastly, students designed a mission layout that would be used in Minecraft to build their own 22nd mission.

Video Tour of Minecraft Missions

Mission Presentations


Class Dictionary Created by First Grade

Students learned how to research using an alphabetical children’s directory at the beginning of the year.

Each student was assigned one letter of the alphabet and was able to choose one animal under that letter to research. Students found photos, diagrams, and information about their animal to help them create one page of our class picture dictionary.

Cover designed by Sophia and Wesley!

Kindergarten Poetry Listening Gallery

Kindergarteners used their imagination to visualize a spring poem by Marlene & Robert McCracken.  They used an app of their choice to create the visualization and recorded the poem with my help to create a QR code listening gallery.

Look for bold kites, daffodils, robins, and green grass!

For K parents: All you have to do to listen to the poem is hold a cell phone camera over the QR code. The recording is also in the Kindergarten Digital Portfolio.

A Trip to Italy!

Thank you to Jenny and her family for donating to the DMP Foundation by bidding on teacher time with me and Ms. Fritz! Jenny and her friends enjoyed a special “Trip to Italy” where we made a full Italian dinner, listened to Italian music, and designed custom menus on the iPad. We had so much fun!

Grazie Jenny!

We made personal pizzas and caprese salad skewers!
Custom menus designed by the girls!

Whale Books by Second Grade

During technology class, second graders created their own non-fiction books about whales. Each student chose the whale of his or her choice and did research to learn scientific facts about that whale. Students used the iPad apps Explain Everything and Doodle Buddy to publish their books. Scroll down to listen to listen to the e-Books.

Students took their printed books home after Open House!

Technology at Del Mar Pines

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